Sometimes there are days when everything is perfect.

It’s the massage she will remember forever. Because the masseuse brings out the essence of a beautiful young woman.

All the vivid pleasure of being touched deep within. Then she is aroused even more intensely, to new heights. Sensitive fingers delight her. There are so many of them.

It seems her pleasure will go on forever. How many orgasms can a woman have? How many can you count?

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17 YEARS ONLINE, Hundreds of Thousands Photos, Hunderds FIlms

What the FCUK!

You’ve seen some crazy films on, but we’re about to top them all. This is one might just break the Internet. Our stunning circus twins go head to head to see who can insert the biggest dildo. As gymnasts, these girls have been stretching their bodies all their lives – but never before like this. But don’t worry, no one was hurt in the making of this film. The vagina is incredibly elastic and will always return to its usual tightness (even after a supersized penis). So which twin is most, err… accommodating? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out…

"Excellence in erotic expression."

Erotic Oscars, London

Lingam Honouring Oral Massage

Witness the most intimate of acts.

You’ve seen oral sex online before. It’s everywhere. But at Hegre-Art we offer you something different. Instead of two models faking it for the camera, we give you two lovers sharing a private moment. Instead of porn, we give you erotica.

Watch as the gorgeous Serena worships the lingam of her partner, Tantric Yogi, Marco.

With expert hands and a welcoming mouth, she strokes and grips, licks and kisses in a true act of love. It’s beautiful, arousing and utterly compelling.

Eva Sexy Naked Contortionist

Go backstage to watch beauty captured…

Stunning nude art doesn’t just happen by accident. You don’t point a camera and accidently capture the beauty of the naked form. In this behind the scenes short film, you’ll see the hard work, precision and attention to detail that’s required to create the beautiful images we all enjoy.

And with master photographer, Petter, fitted with a GoPro camera, you’ll experience life behind the lens. The subject? Well, he’s shooting the most flexible model in Hegre-Art history.

If you’ve not seen Eva bend, you have to watch this…


"Brings refinement to the web"
GQ, Italy


"The pictures are scarily intimate!"

Erotic Oscars

"Excellence in erotic expression."
Erotic Oscars, London


"The Art Of Seduction"
Esquire Magazine

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